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Auto Safety Certificate NoosaI’m selling my car… can you provide a safety certificate?

Yes we can
A safety certificate (commonly referred to as a roadworthy certificate) is a legal requirement if you want to sell or re-register a light vehicle in Queensland (a car, trailer, motorbike or caravan). It confirms that the vehicle meets a minimum safety standard.
Mechanicare is qualified to carry out safety inspections and provide the necessary certificate, which covers the basics for safe operation of the vehicle including tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, body rust or damage, windscreens and lights.
You’ve got the best chance of getting your safety inspection done sooner rather than later by calling Mechanicare. Naturally, with our wide range of services and skills, we can also address any defects; but not before reporting back to you and confirming your approval to do so.

Vehicle categories we are approved to inspect:


  • Motorcycles (MC)
  • Light vehicles up to 4.5t GVM (LV)
  • Light trailers up to 3.5t ATM (LT)

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