Specialist Maintenance & Repair Services

Wynn’s MultiSERVE® System Cleaning 

We use a specialist multifunction service machine that operates independently to effectively clean the fuel system, air intake, turbo and DPF of a vehicle. It can be used for diesel and petrol engines without disassembly of parts and while the engine is running.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) – Diesel only

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valves – Diesel only

Turbochargers – Diesel and Petrol

Intake Valves and Manifolds – Diesel and Petrol

Injectors – Diesel and Petrol

    Wynn’s TranSERVE® Transmission Servicing

    We use a specialist transmission flush and fill machine to simply and effectively flush the transmission fluid system of automatic transmissions and CVT’s. The machine has a high fluid exchange rate of up to 95% compared to around 50% with a ‘drain and fill’ or ‘pan drop’, without the mixing of old and new fluid.

    Cleans and removes sludge, contaminants and exhausted fluid from the transmission, torque converter and cooler



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    andrewandrew ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Andrew! Shaun CampbellShaun Campbell ★★★★★ Good service, well priced.Response from the ownerThanks Shaun! Sophie KearneySophie Kearney ★★★★★ Best in the business! Fantastic attention to detail and unbeatable customer service. Highly recommend. Thank you Craig and team!Response from the ownerThanks Sophie! Elisabeth IlkoElisabeth Ilko ★☆☆☆☆ Do not go here!Came to the mechanic for diagnostics of a problem. After ruling out different causes for the problem they came to the conclusion that the cause for our problem would be that our tank and whole fuel system might be rusty and suggested to take out the tank and drain it and possibly replace the whole fuel system and a fuel injector afterwards, for a lot of money. We have a plastic tank and you can see the inside of the tank by simply taking out the part above it…For the fuel injector they quoted us almost double the price than the mechanic around the corner that gave us a second opinion.After we made clear that we wouldn’t be draining the tank the man explaining the problems changed the cause and said it is most likely a bad fuel injector that has a lot of Ks on it.All in all very inconsistent with causes of problem and tried to do very expensive work that clearly didn’t need to be done.Payed good money for the car to be looked at. Left without knowing what was going on.Luckily there was another workshop in the area willing to help us.Response from the ownerHi Elisabeth.Thank you for taking the time to review our business. We take all feedback seriously, and in this instance, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some concerns you have. You attended our workshop in the hope of a diagnosis of the issue your vehicle was experiencing. In summary; we road tested your vehicle, scanned for faults codes (various misfire codes detected), obtained screenshots of the logged codes, cleared the codes, road tested and rescanned your vehicle (one code detected – misfire on cylinder 4), proceeded to systematically troubleshoot to rule out various components (swapper over coils – appear in good condition – issue still detected on cylinder 4; checked spark plugs – dry and in good condition; confirmed top of piston cleaner than others; checked resistance across all injectors – good; fitted noid light to eliminate wiring issue – good; known issues with corrosion in fuel system causing injector blockage/s – further investigation). The total invoice amount for the diagnostic fault code scan and troubleshooting was $176.00, a fraction of the $2,000 you reluctantly paid elsewhere to have multiple components replaced to drive away with the exact same issue you drove in with there, and then here.For that charge we provided you with a diagnosis of the issue, a known issue that may have caused the issue, repair options and price estimates for those options. We confirmed a faulty injector was the likely direct cause of your ISSUE, not the potential fuel system corrosion which may been the cause of the injector FAILURE. We did not confirm if the injector failed due to normal wear and tear or contamination from a foreign substance, ie corrosion, as no further works were performed on your vehicle. I reiterated to you on the numerous visits made to our workshop throughout the day that the injector could be replaced as the BARE MINIMUM repair, however as there was a known issue with your vehicle model (fuel system corrosion causing fuel injector failure) the BEST PRACTICE repair would be to ensure that the fuel system did not contain corrosion prior to replacing the injector. Where applicable we provide our customers with repair options, and the associated risks with those options, to allow our customers to make educated decisions about repairs on their vehicle. I did highlight that if the bare minimum repair was carried out, and part failure occurred due to contamination from a foreign substance, ie corrosion, the part warranty would be void. We do accept that part prices will vary greatly from workshop to workshop. This is quite common as workshops use different suppliers for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to part quality, warranties, availability, and pricing. In short, we don’t do ‘cheap’; our business model is based on providing cost effective repairs based on best practice, knowledge, and experience. Sometimes we will be less expensive, sometimes more, however we never compromise on completing a quality repair to compete to be the cheapest repairer. I am perplexed where the breakdown in communication has occurred. Our diagnosis remained firm throughout our conversations. Admittedly, I altered the delivery of my information to help you understand what we were recommending, however the information provided to you was consistent on every visit throughout the day. I do, however, understand your frustration if this is how you interpreted the information provided, and for that I apologise unreservedly. I am happy that another business was able to assist you, and to a greater extent that if you weren’t comfortable dealing with us that you sourced another repairer you had more confidence in. Kind regards,Craig AtwellDirector – Mechanicare Noosa Peter ThirdPeter Third ★★★★★ Top job, professional service at a reasonable price.Response from the ownerThanks Peter! Colleen GreentreeColleen Greentree ★★★★★ I was very impressed by the time and personable attentiveness shown by Craig. No question was perceived as silly, nor was there discrimination shown. I would definitely take my car to Mechanicare and will be recommending them to everyone. If the office area is anything to go by, I would imagine the workshop to be extremely organised and attention to detail being paramount for every job.Response from the ownerThanks Colleen! Douglas LeishmanDouglas Leishman ★★★★★ Some good old fashioned top notch service in a time of need for a small repair needed to keep my son’s car roadworthy/safe. (3 other garages wouldn’t help today). Thanks for your help, fair price and, as a result, his car that was new to him a couple of weeks ago is booked in for its first full service. Happy to keep future services local!Response from the ownerThanks Douglas! Brett ReadBrett Read ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Brett! Daniel NitzscheDaniel Nitzsche ★★★★★ Good honest reliable , great communicationResponse from the ownerThanks Daniel! Dick Von LockDick Von Lock ★★★★☆ I made an error in posting my review and they set me straight. Explained the methods used to quote the job and why they do what they did. We both understood the comms issues and it looks like they're as good as they usually have been.. I appear to have had a brain glitch.Response from the ownerThank you for taking my call and allowing me the opportunity to discuss the issue raised in greater detail with you. Appreciate your support.Craig AtwellDirector - Mechanicare Christian WatsonChristian Watson ★★★★★ The best mechanic on the Sunshine Coast!!Response from the ownerThanks Christian! Marc JMarc J ★★★★★ Kicking myself I didn’t find this place sooner! Craig and the team were great to deal with. Honest and quick fixing our car for a snip of the price another local business tried to charge me. Will be back and will make sure I send anyone I know to Mechanicare too.Response from the ownerThanks Marc! Carol WestCarol West ★★★★★ Excellent service, friendly team and super reliable.Highly recommended.Response from the ownerThanks Carol! Erika BErika B ★★★★★ Mechanicare were great to deal with - the customer service was amazing and they explained everything thoroughly.Highly recommend!Response from the ownerThanks Erika! Steve RamsdenSteve Ramsden ★★★★★ I was recommended Mechanicare Noosa by a friend and wasn’t disappointed. The staff were very friendly and professional. Very quick and thorough with my service and confirmed possible work that needed to be done without just doing it. Would highly recommend and will definitely use them again!Response from the ownerThanks Steve! Roberta maironeRoberta mairone ★★★★★ I had my car service done and it was great.The customer service was attentive and responsive. The service was perfectly done with a honest price.From now on that place is my mechanicare.I highly recommend that place.Response from the ownerThanks Roberta! Themos GourlasThemos Gourlas ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Themos! David HabermasDavid Habermas ★★★★★ Excellent service and quick turnaround.Response from the ownerThanks David! Dave HeyneDave Heyne ★★★★★ The customer service here is exceptional, the team went above and beyond to help me out today! Cheers 🙂Response from the ownerThanks Dave! Rebecca Van PoossRebecca Van Pooss ★★★★★ I have been taking my cars to Mechanicare Noosa for the past 8 years and have recommended them to several friends and family.Their service to fantastic. They always give a courtesy call before carrying out anything beyond the standard service, even small things like new windscreen wipers.Service prices are very reasonable and they let you know what’s coming up on the next service that you might need to budget for like tyres etc.Often receive a after service call to make sure I’m happy with everything. Great local business.Response from the ownerThanks Rebecca! Maximilian GrafMaximilian Graf ★★★★★ Mechanicare Noosa have a great, friendly and reliable team. They’re super honest and work quickly to help you with any issues. Highly recommend 🙂Response from the ownerThanks Max! Glynis StringerGlynis Stringer ★★★★★ Efficient, quick and courteous service.Very happy with how everything was handled and the follow up call. Thank you.Response from the ownerThanks Glynis! Maxime DurandMaxime Durand ★★★★★ I 100% recommend Mechanicare.There is not much delay to get an appointment with them, easy to communicate with, really efficient and friendly team 🙂Response from the ownerThanks Maxime! Stuart WebsterStuart Webster ★★★★★ Fantastic service. Efficient, honest, reasonably priced. We have always been very happy with their service. They are always upfront about any extra work that may be required and honest with their pricing. 100% recommend.Response from the ownerThanks Stuart! Melissa HoareauMelissa Hoareau ★★★★★ I would really recommend mechanicare! We’ve always been super happy with the repairs, and services we did with them. The team is also really kind and they have an amazing customer serviceResponse from the ownerThanks Melissa! Paul YoungPaul Young ★★★★★ Very happy with the service and the work done by Mechanicare. I would recommend this company to anyone.Response from the ownerThanks Paul! Jodie BuchananJodie Buchanan ★★★★★ Excellent service! They go above and beyond with the vehicle service, as well as making sure you have a lift to work. Highly recommendResponse from the ownerThanks Jodie! Roger KnowlesRoger Knowles ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Roger! Max GreenMax Green ★★★★★ The team at Mechanicare Noosa were amazing, very friendly staff, clean workshop, they were quick and thorough with my service, ringing me up mid service to confirm additional work that needed to be done (rear dif oil) instead of doing it without my approval. As well as that they informed me my rear breaks will need doing soon. Good to see they are not taking people for a money ride. 10/10 would highly recommend and use again!Response from the ownerThanks Max! matthew Greenlandmatthew Greenland ★★★★★ I’ve been looking for a good honest company to maintain my vehicles that doesn’t upsell at ever opportunity. Machanicare we’re honest and listened to my requirements. I would recommend them to a friend 👍Response from the ownerThanks Matthew! spitzndtruth 1spitzndtruth 1 ★★★★★ I was recommended to take my car for a roadworthy here as I had someone buying my car that same day. I left the car with them for an hour and returned to be told my tyres didn't pass... I checked the tyres and disputed their claim (we have all heard stories about mechanics) they were happy to put car on hoist and walk me through the guidelines they must follow.... and they were 100% correct. The technician was very professional and handled my stress accordingly... I felt bad questioning them but they showed they are professional and trustworthy and I will be taking my cars to them in the future with confidence.Response from the ownerThank you for your review and for sharing your experience! Saskia MavrikosSaskia Mavrikos ★★★★★ Excellent.Best experience I've had with mechanics so far.Highly recommend this service.Response from the ownerThanks Saskia! Graham BousteadGraham Boustead ★★★★★ Excellent serviceResponse from the ownerThanks Graham! Hannah Richardson-SmithHannah Richardson-Smith ★★★★★ Absolutely fantastic. So helpful and very thorough. Highly recommend Mechanicare!Response from the ownerThanks Hannah! peter deanepeter deane ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Peter! Glen ReadGlen Read ★★★★★ Great professional service and a follow up call to ensure that everything was in order, great work team and the follow up call displays your commitment to awesome customer service, well doneResponse from the ownerThanks Glen! Tom JarroldTom Jarrold ★★★★★ I'm not on to do google reviews, but the service these guys provide is incredible. I was in town for one day. They found the fault with my radiator, had replacements locally and was all finished by lunchtime. I highly recommend you deal with mechanicare.Even rang a week later to check everything was okay.The best mechanic team I have dealt with and made me realize how bad the quality of service is in NZ.Response from the ownerThanks Tom! Michael FrederiksenMichael Frederiksen ★★★★★ Great experience from the first phone call I made to request a quote. I received a great value quote and had the work completed two days later. I’ll definitely be going back for the car’s full service.Highly recommended!Response from the ownerThanks Michael! Tracey SimpsonTracey Simpson ★★★★★ Wow. What a great mechanic. Customer service is amazing. They follow up after the service to thank you for your business. The info provided is clear and they provide feedback on what is not urgent but to keep an eye on. Reasonably priced too.I am one happy customer!Response from the ownerThanks Tracey! Aileen Lambie (ELENI)Aileen Lambie (ELENI) ★★★★★ Very happy with Craig and the teams work, professional, punctual and friendly service with a smile. We'll be back. Highly recommend 👍Response from the ownerThanks Aileen! Zack Nicols SydneyZack Nicols Sydney ★★★★★ Quality friendly service! I liked the honesty, integrity and follow-up, plus work well done Thank you Craig. We'll keep coming back as long as they can continue to provide this same high level of service and charge a fair price. Liked easy access to workshop as well.Response from the ownerThanks Zack! Billy FBilly F ★★★★★ This place is great and the staff are very helpfulResponse from the ownerThanks Billy! Tye CotterTye Cotter ★★★★★ Been here a couple of times now and great, awesome, genuine service !Response from the ownerThanks Tye! Benjamin ParryBenjamin Parry ★★★★★ Managed to fit me in at short notice, looked after the car and the staff all seem friendly and helpful. They go the extra mile to make sure everything is up to standards at a fair price- great service!Response from the ownerThanks Benjamin! CharlieCharlie ★★★★★ Took my 2017 BMW X3 in to get steering fixed and for an overall service. Team was so friendly and honest which was really refreshing. Thanks to Craig, Jacki and the team. Highly recommend.Response from the ownerThanks Charlie! Synda TurnbullSynda Turnbull ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Synda! June PhillipsJune Phillips ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks June! Alan EmblinAlan Emblin ★★★★★ I recently had an electric window motor replaced with Craig and the team. Unfortunately the window was jammed and required some force to release. Subsequently the window tint was damaged. Craig couldnt have been more professional, organising new window tint in an extremely fast manner. Professional workshop and admin area. I highly recommend and would use them again no problem.Response from the ownerThanks Alan! Jacqui DugganJacqui Duggan ★★★★★ I have used Mechanicare for all my servicing for the past 10 years. They are friendly, reliable, honest and do a great job! I highly recommend them.Response from the ownerThanks Jacqui! NN ★★★★★ Professional, good value for money and good communication.js_loader